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All You Need to Know About SGX Nifty

What is SGX NIFTY?

As long as life is concerned, change is constant. Not only is change important to human development, it is relevant for individual growth. The economic downturn over the years in different part of the globe has made it possible for many financial innovation and trends to emerge. The stock exchange, which is a popular type of investment has transformed into several trends and innovation, making it possible for people secure their future regardless of the risks attached.

The stock exchange has contributed significantly to economic growth and globalization, the SGX Nifty in Singapore is a good example. SGX, which stands for Singapore Stock Exchange, is a top Asian Stock Exchange. SGX nifty – a future traded product of the Singapore Exchange –also called the Singapore Nifty, is a derivative of the Singapore Exchange Nifty Index. SGX Nifty can be traded in Singapore Stock Exchange, and it is indirectly connected to the Nifty.

How does SGX Nifty work?

SGX is the Nifty future that lead to the awareness of global effect of share trading on Nifty and promoted the relationships between two important nations in Asia – India and Singapore. The SGX nifty and the Indian nifty CNX Nifty works hand in hand and gives room for foreign investors to invest and trade in the Nifty futures and Indian Stock Exchange.

The SGX Nifty still remains relevant, productive and more volatile compared to the Indian Nifty due to the difference in time, allowing the SGX open before the NSE; therefore, it has influence over the Indian Nifty. Nevertheless, people normally start trading on the SGX Nifty after the NSE is opened.

What time does SGX Nifty open and close?

The SGX Nifty starts and ends at 6:30 AM and 11:30 PM respectively,while the Indian Nifty starts at 9:15 AM and ends at 3:30 PM. Normally, movement of the SGX Nifty influences how the Indian Stock Exchange kicks off. The CNX Nifty trades only for 6 hours, 30 minutes, while the SGX Nifty trades for 16 hours on a daily basis. It serves as a landmark that shows where the Indian stock market will begin the following day.

With regards to the global effect of share trading, as well as the location of these two countries in Asia, the Nifty has given room for economic interdependence as observed on the stock price which shows how the economic change or performance in one country affects the other country. The value of Nifty has been pegged by traders as a measure of different types of development.

SGX Nifty gives trading opportunities for investors who find it difficult to access the Indian market but still wants to have a taste of the Indian market.

Can SGX be used globally?

Even though SGX is popular, it’s unacceptable to trade in individual scrips of Nifty. Since trades in individual scrips are unacceptable in foreign exchange except scrips that are listed in the particular country, then the opportunity for many foreign investors to make profits is restricted.

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