Low brokerage trading account for NSE or MCX commodities

Here is solution...

We arrange low brokerage trading account in India's leading stock broking company We arrange ODIN Diet trading software without software charges You can online transfer or withdraw funds by all leading banks Our relationship manager will provide full required support

Low Brokerage Charges

Note: all brokerages are chargeable for buy side and sell side also

Intraday Exposure details

Advantage with us

Compare with your current brokerage and Advantage with us

Free demat account opening charges (no account opening charges)

NSE demat account annual maintenance charges Rs.300 (yearly once)

Procedure to apply

  1. If you decided to take low brokerage account through us, please pay Rs.100 for application courier charges, you can pay Rs.100 by online from our website or deposit cheque in our bank account so that we can send you application by courier.
  2. After getting application by courier sign application at marked places and attach required documents copies along with your signature then send back your application along with required documents to our address by courier.
  3. After getting your application along with documents we will activate your low brokerage account in 7 working days.
  4. After activation of your account our relationship manager will call you and install software in your computer by remote team viewer and he will explain software features.
  5. After activation and installation of software you can start trading.
  6. You can online transfer or with draw funds by all leading banks.

Required documents